sexta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2019

Já à venda o novo CD do Norte-Americano Boo Boo Davis

Mensagem da Black and Tan Records para os leitores do BMP:
"After a string of single releases of famous blues covers on KuvVer Recors it’s now time again for Boo Boo to release a new and ‘all original’ album. Like most of the previous recordings with Boo Boo we captured everything live in one room without any overdubs.
Quoting Boo Boo: "Blow a hole in your drums and make me feel it"
With the regular trio we recorded ten brand new songs and one new version from a song that was released earlier in 2002. Total studio time was five hours.
The title of the new record is TREE MAN and it will be out on Black and Tan Records around February 20. You can pre order already now directly from our web shop and we will send your copy as soon as they get in."

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