quinta-feira, maio 16, 2019

George Christian & Anastasia Vronski

Insomniac Dreams
Bandcamp: http://anastasiavronski.bandcamp.com/album/insomniac-dreams-gcsa-22 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/georgechristian/sets/insomniac-dreams  

This is the first album collaboration by the Brazilian experimental composer, singer and guitarist George Christian and Russian sound artist and noisemaker Anastasia Vronski
Insomniac Dreams is a journey of mystery. It belongs to a state between dream and reality, in which noisy and instrumental sounds blend together in order to fragment any sense of narrative. George Christian’s piano and guitar sounds were transformed by Anastasia Vronski in order to mingle with ambient noise sounds and turn what were improvisational sounds into noise-electroacoustic compositions that recall distant and challenging landscapes. The result is something like a dream meeting between Andrei Tarkovski, Bela Tarr and David Lynch turned into cinematic music-making. A meeting between Brazil and Russia in a sound dystopia.  


The guitarist, singer and composer George Christian, based in the city of Salvador (Bahia), Brazil, is a musician of prolific activity in the field of independent music online, having as the main instrument the electric guitar in several instrumental explorations. He is dedicated to works that travel in the fields of both experimental music and concert music, in addition to performing sporadic live performances and collaborative works. https://georgechristianmusic.wixsite.com/site/


She’s a musician from Perm, Russia. She started out making noise pieces in 20XX. Her first album was called "The Spell". After that, she released noise albums on different netlabels, maintaining the ethos of not selling music anywhere. She also collaborated to few artists along the way. As time went by, she started wanting to make music in other genres too such as ambient, beats, dub, metal etc. Today she makes any type of music she wants, although some noise element is always present somehow.

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