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Labyrinthus Noctis - Bio

Labyrinthus Noctis is a Goth/Doom/Space/Avantgard metal band based in Milan, ITALY, joining Goth, Doom, Dark, Folk, Prog and Electro-music, so creating a charming atmosphere caught in between dream and loathing, Eros and Thanatos, Passion and Disruption. The "Red Planet" started lightening in Milan in past 2003, thanks to the 3 founding members, still active in band: Moreno, Aeb and Ark.In 2005 the band releases its first official album: Forever Fallen Darkness. After releasing D.U.N.N.O.S (2012), with M° Saturno Butto's masterpieces as artwork, the band is joined by Sin at bass guitar and with a weird, never heard before, special astral entity at vocals: Io.01, an alien character whose face sees a rush of images, stories and emotions. Also due to the employment of a sheer "alien puppet" the band proposes its uniqueness in the whole landscape of underground metal, not only considering Italian scene.In 2016 Labyrinthus Noctis starts working to its new concept album. Of course sometimes should have changed. By the mixing of real and unreal, the metaphysical and physical the need for upgrading Io.01 was clear as a shared aim. Therefore, in April 2017, the band welcomes Ivy, the step-beyond of Io.01 transhumanation. Opting For The Quasi-Steady State Cosmology release is due on April, 16 2018, both in digital and digipak formats, with a 12-pages booklet, via independent label “Vomit Arcanus Productions”.  

Moreno: Guitars 
Ark: Keyboards, Theremin, Effects 
Aeb: Drums 
Sin: Bass, Backing Vocals

Ivy: Lead Vocals

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