quinta-feira, dezembro 25, 2014

The Dirty T-Shirt Band

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL, US
Genres: Other / Rock-southern, indie, classic, progressive / Country-pop, classic, Blues, Funk, Jam Band
Label: Outamoney Studios
Members: Bill Pandolfi and Eric Pfeufer on electric guitar, Miles Creamer on bass and John Kepler on drums.
The band is made up of veteran musicians who have played with a long list of successful local and regional acts. Each has honed his chops in a broad range of venues from the tiniest of clubs to large, outdoor festival stages. Their musical interests are as varied as their career arcs and reflect a blend of influences that can be heard in every performance. Experience and musicianship allow this band to read a crowd quickly and deliver what it wants, so, if you are a fan of live music, the T-Shirts will get you going. If you are a talent buyer, the T-Shirts will deliver a powerful show perfect for a laid back listening audience or ready to energize a club crowd and get them pumped, dancing, and thirsty.

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